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Mahatma Gandhi radically re-interprets ‘Swaraj’ and gives it a dual meaning. Swaraj as ‘self-rule’ and Swaraj as ‘self-government’. The first as self-control, rule over oneself, was the foundation for the second, self-government. In this second sense, local self~government was what Gandhi really had in mind. Essential to both meanings, Swaraj, was a sense of self- respect that was precisely Gandhi’s answer to colonial rule.

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Sampoorna Swaraj Home Banner
Sampoorna Swaraj Home Banner

Enabling Accountable and Transparent Gram Panchayat using Workflow Automation Technology and Navigated Learning Technology

About us

Sampoorna Swaraj Foundation is a Non-Profit
Organization focusing on implementing Digital
Solutions at Village Panchayat level to
bring Accountability, Transparency and
Participatory Democracy Sammpoorna Swaraj
Foundation was founded in 2009 during our
collaborative project with Kuvempu University, Karnataka
on bringing Information and Communication Technologies


News and Media

The need to improve conditions of people
living in Indian villages has been accepted
by Indian governments since Independence.
Massive government programs have been
directed towards this end. Many civil society
organizations have been engaged. Lately many
corporate trusts and foundations have
also become engaged.

Awards and Recognition

Sampoorna Panchayat Work Flow Automation and Community Portal solution has been nominated for many awards and many Government and Non-Government Organizations have invited Sampoorna Swaraj Foundation to share the Sampoorna Swaraj vision and technology with Governments and Corporates.
Contributions / Participation

We invite individuals, NGOs, Donor Agencies, Universities, Educational Institutions, Cultural Groups, and Corporates to contribute to the execution of the vision and mission of Sampoorna Swaraj Foundation and help us bring Accountability, Transparency and Participatory democracy at Village Panchayat level.
Try this solution

If you are part of a Gram Panchayat in any part of India, please feel free to write to us. We will be delighted to arrange for trying the Sampoorna Panchayat Work Flow Automation solution. Please fill the form below and send it to us.
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the Samporna Panchayat Solution in my Gram Panchayat?
Ans: You may contact Sampoorna Swaraj Foundation by email or by phone.



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Sampoorna Swaraj Foundation
156, 8th main,
Sachidanadanagara Layout,
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Mobile : 9845049970

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