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The mission of the Sampoorna Swaraj Foundation:

  To use Technology and Change management methods to implement solutions that will effectively give access to village citizens to transact with the local government for most of the services and information.
  To educate the citizens, elected officials and bureaucrats to use technology to monitor government functionality on a real time basis, and use the data and information to plan and execute the vision of the Gram Panchayat community.
  To empower village citizens to recognize the assets of the Gram Panchayat and to enhance the productivity of the assets for the all round welfare of the Gram Panchayat community.
  to expose the village citizens to the Information and Knowledge Economy of the 21st century and make them Global citizens.

  • Our mission is to develop a Information and Communication Technology that has the potential to generate more than 7,00,000 jobs for the youth in the 620,000 villages of India.
  • To bring knowledge economy to the village door step.
  • To expose villagers of India to the Globalized world.
  • To realize Digital India and bridge the digital divide in turn enhance the competitiveness among the Villagers,
  • Allow information sharing among villagers,
  • Allow villagers to become computer literates,

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  • Allow villagers to become part of decision making
  • Allow the villagers to be part of the 21st century Knowledge Economy
  • Allow villagers to be educated about their rights;
  • Save time & money for most of the transactions with the Government
  • Allow real time access to Finance & Accounts Information to village citizens, TP & ZP officials with secure access control;
  • Motivate people to involve themselves in Participatory Democracy.
  • Allow village citizens immediate access to all the Schedule Reports
  • Bring more efficiency in most of the Gram Panchayat processes.
  • Make document maintenance easy
  • Make People report their problems and monitor.
  • Make mass communication easy.
  • Make available Rules and Regulations of Gram Panchayat for citizens
  • Create enthusiasm in villagers to explore new Mobile and Social Networking technologies.
  • Initiate villagers to Interact with the outside world, NGOs and Universities.
  • Establish permanent documentation on the computer
  • Enhance accounts accuracy
  • Can compare revenue collected vs benefits given to a village
  • Review of Government of India and State Government programs guidelines
  • Will assist in planning, caste wise, population wise, gender wise, age wise etc
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