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Board of Trustees

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Dr. Shankara Prasad,

Managing Trustee, Sampoorna Swaraj Foundation:

Sampoorna Swaraj Foundation is founded by Dr. Shankara Prasad, currently its Managing Trustee. Dr. Prasad’s educational background includes an M. Tech degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and Ph.D. from State University of New York, New York. Dr. Prasad is an active e-governance evangelist and his passion is to bring Six Sigma process methodology and philosophy into the Indian Government domain particularly in Gram Panchayats. Dr. Shankara Prasad led his team at  to conceptualize & design the sampoornaPanchayat solution to make Indian Local Government organizations e-enabled and paperless. He has been actively advocating bringing ICT at the “Bottom of the Pyramid” and bridging the digital divide between rural and urban India.

Prior to starting the Sampoorna Swaraj Foundation, Dr. Prasad has spent more than 25 years running a software company as well as working in the computer chip manufacturing industry working for major semiconductor companies including Intel, California, Cypress Semiconductor, California, Robert Bosch, Germany and most recently as Vice President of Engineering & Technology Development at CS2 in Belgium. Dr. Prasad has traveled and consulted with more than 30 companies in 17 countries including Brazil, Switzerland, Singapore, and Italy. Kluwer-Springer published the 700 page book on Advanced Computer Chip Technology by Dr. Prasad in 2004. Dr. Prasad has also published 10 interactive multimedia E-learning courses in computer chip design and manufacturing technologies.

Dr. Prasad was awarded the 1998 IEEE award for “Major Educational Innovation” for innovation in the delivery methods of engineering education. He was adjunct professor at California State University, San Jose and Advisor to Center for Electronics Development & Technology, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He has published more than 40 papers in major international technical and trade journals and conferences. He has been Chairman, Secretary and Member of many National and International Organizations in India, Europe and the USA. (1980 – 2005); he was a Member, Karnataka IT Task Force for Rural Advancement (2002). Advisor to the Knowledge Commission of Sikkim Government and a member of National E-Governance Architecture Committee.

Dr. Prasad is the Coordinator of Sachidananda Nagar Nyayapara Andolana which used Gandhigiri, Satyagraha, RTI and Lokayukta to fight corruption in Bangalore .


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Mr. Vinay Kohli,

IAS, Former Secretary, Ministry of Information Technology:
Trustee at Sampoorna Swaraj Foundation and advises SSF on government interaction. In a career spanning 38 years, Mr. Kohli held several posts in Assam, Meghalaya and in several economic Ministries of the Government of India. After serving as Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers and Minister, (Economic) in the Indian Mission to the European Union he was appointed Secretary, in the Ministry of Information Technology.

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Ravi Nagaraja

Ravi has been a Co-Founder & Trustee of Sampoorna Swaraj Foundation since inception. Ravi has a Bachelor's degree in Electronics from Bangalore University. Ravi has over 30 years of experience in managing software companies. He has been responsible for building products and IT services business in Manufacturing & Banking / Financial Verticals. Ravi has coached / mentored software companies to achieve accelerated growth targets process / quality improvement, organization re-structuring.
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