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1. How do I get the Samporna Panchayat Solution in my Gram Panchayat ?
Ans : You may contact Sampoorna Swaraj Foundation by email or by phone.

2. Does it cost money ?
Ans : Sampoorna Swaraj Foundation will provide the software technology to the Gram Panchayat free of cost. However, the cost of implementation, training and hardware shall be borne by the Gram Panchayat or any other sponsoring authority.

3. Who will fund it and how to contact the concerned for funding ?
Ans : You may contact the Gram Panchayat President or your MLA for the funds. You may also contact corporate or individuals who would like to provide service to your Gram Panchayat.

4. Can I use this Software even though other software exists ?
Ans : The Sampoorna Panchayat software is comprehensive and includes all the requirements of a Gram Panchayat. However, if there are any other softwares that are necessary for other applications, that can be integrated with Sampoorna.

5. How will this solution help me individually as a citizen ?
Ans : As a citizen it helps Access to Gram Panchayat services at the village door step.

6. How will this help the Gram Panchayat ?
Ans : Improved local governance efficiency, transparency and accountability Reduced digital divide. Creating a knowledge economy at the Bottom of the Pyramid.

7. How will this solution help a gram panchayat youth ?
Ans : In Creating hi-tech employment and reducing migration of village youth to cities resulting in providing family support to older villagers during their old age.

8. Will we be trained on using this Sampoorna Swaraj Solution ?
Ans : Yes.

9. What is the role of Sampoorna Swaraj Foundation ?
Ans : Sampoorna Swaraj Foundation gives the solutions and helps in implementation of software and giving training on the using the solution.
For Citizens & NGOs Sampoorna Swaraj Foundation helps to :
* Access to various government services with e-payment options. E-transactions
* Access to financial reports, social scheme reports and all other government project reports on a real time basis. For social auditing; Grievance redressal system.
For Elected Officials and Administrators:
* Approvals in real time of files, documents and receipts (including payments).
* Access to consolidated information and reports.
* Monitor workflow progress.

10. What is the role of Gram Panchayat ?
Ans : Gram Panchayat must provide infrastructure and Internet service. Gram Panchayat must provide educated youth, who will be trained by Sampoorna Swaraj Foundation and provided with jobs in their village.

11. How will it help woman ?
Ans : Women Self Help Groups (SHGs) can participate in bringing awareness to village citizens and use the Sampoorna Panchayat Community Portal for spreading their services.

12. How can I work with Sampoorna Swaraj Foundation as an individual?
Ans : As an individual you can contribute as a volunteer for developing software and mobile apps, as an implementer at GP level or as campaigner for bringing awareness to villagers.

13. How can I work with Sampoorna Swaraj Foundation as a corporate House ?
Ans : As a Corporate, you can contribute through your CSR program and also motivate employees in participating at Individual level.

14. How can i work wirth Sampoorna Swaraj Foundation as an NGO ?
Ans : As an NGO, you can collaborate with Sampoorna Swaraj and help us in bringing this technology to your areas of operation, where you have already made inroads.


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