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What We Do

Facilitate & Empower Citizen Interaction & Transaction with Government:

The citizen in our democracy interacts very closely with the government at the local level. Though the major policies regarding education, health, security, property and infrastructure are made at the Federal or State level, the actual application of the policies happen at the Local Government level, i.e Gram Panchayats.

More than 800 million of our countrymen live in villages, and their major contact with the Government is at Gram Panchayat level. According to 73rd Amendment of our Constitution, the Gram Panchayat is a decentralized government and has powers to plan and execute the vision of the local community, through democratic means.


Vision of SAMPOORNA SWARAJ FOUNDATION is to enlighten and empower the rural minds, educate them on democratic rights and duties, and bring into effect through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) an efficient, transparent, harmonious and participatory democracy. The mission of the Foundation is promotion, propagation, and development of the ideals of Swaraj (Self Governance) and Suraaj (Good/Transparent governance) at Local Government Level according to 73 rd and 74 th amendments to the Constitution of India among others and use Information and Communication Technology to establish and demonstrate Accountability and Transparency in governance.

Our Sampoorna Panchayat Workflow Automation and Community Portal Technology brings all stakeholders in a Gram Panchayat, Citizens, Elected members, Bureaucrats, NGOs, Vendors, Contractors etc. onto one Internet Portal, where they can interact and transact with transparency.

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